The 12th biennial MTSU multi-disciplinary International Holocaust Studies Conference, Oct. 21-23!

15 Oct

The 12th biennial MTSU multi-disciplinary International Holocaust Studies Conference will convene in the JUB October 21-23, 2015. Scholars from five of the six inhabited continents will journey to MTSU to deliver papers and presentations on a wide variety of Genocide and Holocaust topics that are pertinent to almost all MTSU disciplines and programs. Paper sessions include such diverse topics as Alabama and the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, Jewish and gentile protest humor, genocide in Argentina and Ukraine, Sports heroes as rescuers, Eastern Europe in the Holocaust, Women and gender in the camps, literary and film studies, Euthanasia and others. In addition, special programming for teachers and education students will be presented on October 20th in the Education building.

The entire conference is free and open to all MTSU students, faculty and staff. In addition, all featured Conference sessions are free and open to the general public. The link below to the Holocaust Studies Program website provides a complete conference schedule of all conference presentation.

Three prominent scholars have been invited as featured speakers for the conference. All three featured plenary sessions will include questions from and conversations with the audience.

Because 2015 is the centenary of the Armenian genocide, on October 21st Richard Hovannisian, a nationally recognized authority on Armenia, will offer a featured retrospective lecture called “The Armenian Genocide on its Centennial: What Have We Learned?”

On October 22nd Gerhard L. Weinberg, an internationally acclaimed scholar for his global history of World War II as well as his work in foreign policy and Holocaust Studies, will present an innovative approach to Holocaust scholarship in a plenary session titled “The Holocaust After 70 Years”. In addition, Professor Gerhard Weinberg has agreed to present a second public lecture titled “World War II: An Entirely Different War.” at Adams Place on Tuesday, October 20th at 4:00 pm. It also is free and open to the general public. Adams Place is located at 1927 Memorial Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN.

On October 23rd, MTSU will feature a evocative performance of Holocaust verse by renowned poet Jacquline Osherow who will read from her Holocaust poetry in a session titled   “Orders of Infinity: Poems of the Holocaust.”

Another featured conference session will focus on the experiences of Frances Cutler Hahn, a child Holocaust survivor in France and Guy Fortney who was a witness to the liberation of the Ohrdruf concentration camp, part of the Buchenwald camp complex. It was the first of the camps to be liberated by American troops. Both Fortney and Hahn will include visual evidence in the form of slides to illustrate their presentations. A featured panel on survivor literature immediately before the Hahn/Fortney session will include another survivor presentation by Sonja DuBois, a hidden child in the Netherlands during the Holocaust. In addition, there will be a featured panel discussion on the Armenian genocide that will include Hovannisian and two distinguished genocide scholars.

All featured conference presentations are free and open to the general public as well as the MTSU community.

We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to attend this important conference.


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