September with the History Department

3 Oct

Forrest Hall: 

“Memorials like this say that certain lives don’t matter.” – Dr. Pippa Holloway

The school year started off with great controversy surrounding Forrest Hall, named for CSA General Nathan Bedford Forrest. This summer students began campaigning to rename the building. The first week of school a public demonstration was held on campus and the faculty of the History Department, along with AGSH and MTSU’s chapter of SAA, have made public their support to change the name. A committee has been created to examine the issue and make a decision regarding the building’s name. The committee will be chaired by Dr. Derek Frisby, a member of the MTSU Veterans Memorial Committee. Below are some news articles and pieces written by mtsu history students concerning the issue of Forrest Hall.




Middle Tennessee State University president, Dr. Sidney McPhee, announces the formation of committee to determine the fate of Forrest Hall during the March to Change the Name of Forrest Hall on Aug. 27 (Sarah Taylor)

Constitution Day

This year constitution day was held on September 17, 2015. Like usual, students read allowed the constitution throughout campus but this year MTSU hosted a special panel on the Voting Rights Act at 50 featuring legendary civil rights activists the Rev. James Lawson and the Rev. C.T. Vivian. Students gathered to hear the panel and Aleia Brown, a doctoral history student, was the moderator.





American Association for State and Local History Conference

Several students and faculty attended and presented at the State and Local History Conference this September.

  • “Visitors Talk Back: Analyses of Talk-Back Boards @ Seminary Ridge Museum & Women’s Rights National Historical Park,” Josh Howard
  • “Transcending Time: Place and the Development of Community,” Lane Tilner and Caleb Knies

Association for the Study of African American Life and History Annual Meeting

Many MTSU history students and faculty presented at this year’s ASALH Conference

  • “Subjected to still greater punishment”: Testimonial Incapacity as a Collateral Consequence of Criminal Conviction in the 19th Century South – Dr. Pippa Holloway
  • Panel Session: Materials, Memory, Place: The Public History of the Black Freedom Struggle, Chair- Dr. Thomas Bynum, Commentator- Dr. Louis Woods
    • “War people, that is how we must be”: Quilting the Black Freedom Struggle – Aleia M Brown
    • In the Shadows of Freedom: Contextualizing 18th and 19th Century Charleston Slave Badges – Torren Gatson
    • Saving the world, Slaying Monsters and Adventures: How African American women are craving a space in science fiction and fantasy – Marquita Reed
    • We Were There: Examining Place, Race, and Memory in New Town – Tiffany Momon

Make sure to look out for a special post in October about the The 12th biennial MTSU multi-disciplinary International Holocaust Studies Conference!

Written by Kathryn Slover, Social Media Graduate Assistant


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