News from the History Department – February 2015

28 Feb

Even with the crazy weather conditions February was still a busy month for the History Department!!

Department Rivalry 

The Department had its annual Grad Student vs. Faculty Bowling Tournament! The history faculty claimed victory and redemption from last years loss.


MTSU coordinated several events for Black History month

History Day: Leadership and Legacy in History

Friday February 27th MTSU hosted the The Middle Tennessee District History Day Competition

Faculty and Students participated as volunteers and judges for the event.


AGSH Bake Sale



Saturday February 29th 9 of MTSU’s history graduate and undergraduate students presented at the 2015 Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference:


“Patently Revolutionary: How Starr Piano’s successful challenge of Victor Talking Machine Company’s Patent led to the Birth of the Modern Record Industry and the Recording of American Music” Charlie Dahan

“Der Fuhrer Speaks: The Rhetoric of hatred in Adolf Hitler’s Germany” Shaun York

“From Lincoln to King to Obama: The Reinvention of the Gettysburg Address” Kathryn Slover

“Politics of Piety and Duty in Classical Athens” Laura Darnell

“The Desperate Drive for Perfection: Changing Beauty Ideals of the 1920’s” Kelsey Lamkin

“E.T. Wickham: The Intersection of Family and Preservation” Brittany Wickham Walker

“Built for the Living: African American Funeral Homes across Tennessee, 1880’-1960’s” Brad Miller

“To Whatever End: German Involvement in the Holocaust” J. Ethan Holden

“Judenfrei: An Analysis of the Development of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question” Tyler Golden


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