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Strickland Scholar Arrives Next Week

14 Oct
Dr. Donald B. Redford
Each year, because of the generosity of Lucy Strickland and her family, the MTSU History department is able to host a visiting distinguished lecturer. Ms. Strickland established the program to honor her husband, Roscoe L. Strickland, Jr., a former MTSU history professor. Ms. Strickland passed away in 2008, but her legacy continues. This year’s lecturer is internationally recognized Egyptologist, Donald B. Redford. Dr. Redford will be lecturing in history classes beginning next Wednesday after fall break and will give a public lecture on Thursday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the State Farm Room. The lecture is titled  “Mendes:  City of the Ram and Fish, Microcosm of Ancient Egypt.”  Spread the word!